Sunday Brunch Day

Hello Fashionistas, As most New Yorkers could agree, Sundays in NYC are strictly for mimosas, poached eggs and if you are lucky- sometimes a drag queen entertainer. For those of you who don’t know or never have experienced, the brunch ritual in NYC is something you don’t want to miss out on. If you are a college student […]

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My Fall Wish List

Hello, Fashionistas! I’m settling into my new home in NYC and trying to get used to class (would rather be in Europe rn). I wanted to do something new so I created my own Fall wish list board. Some of these items I’ve been trying to look for but just haven’t been able to find […]

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Bikini Season!

I have something very exciting for you guys this time! Many of you might have heard already but Victorias Secret is dicontinuing their bathing suits (so sad). Like many of you I have been scrambling to find new bikinis that will fit just as well. I’ve teamed up with @Todieforswimwear and I can now offering […]

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Farewell, not goodbye

Ciao my fashionistas! Iv been so busy traveling and transitioning from Paris to Rome that Iv hardly had any time to show you my last couple days in Paris! I was lucky enough to have  my sister and best friend visit me my last week in Paris (thank you both xox), this made my last […]

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Royal Château

Bonjour my fashionistas! My time in Paris is closely coming to and end with less than 2 weeks left. Paris has been expensive, but there are so many historical sites to see that are just breathtaking. We finally explored the Palace of Versailles, which is a royal château in Versailles in the Île-de-France region of […]

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Paseando por Madrid 1.11.16

We spent our afternoon in madrid discovering some street art and eating at the famous chocolateria San Gines! Madrid is really one of the most beautiful and interesting cities that I have ever been in. From shopping to site seeing to cool modern lunch spots&rooftops its really hard to ever get bored living here. Im […]

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