Return To Morocco

Since arriving in Spain last week I have been soaking up all the sun, amazing seafood, and mojitos Spain has to offer. I started a new account on Instagram documenting all of this, so if your eyes are always bigger than your stomach like mine follow @Abiteofglam on Instagram and you can watch me eat & drink my way through Europe.

Immediately upon our arrival in Spain, we headed down south to meet my family for a little beach vacation. Southern Spain has some of the most incredible beaches and seafood I’ve ever experienced. Not to mention, the tip of southern Spain looks out to the tip of Africa (a 45 min ferry ride away), so you could only imagine the sunrays we have been soaking up.

Ever since I visited Morocco last year when I was studying abroad it been a place I unquestionably needed to return to with my family. Yesterday, 11 of us took the ferry over to Morocco where we met a family friend who showed us all the ins and outs of Tangier. Even just getting to see a little bit of Africa is cool, but having a local show us all the hidden places a tour company would never know about was quite amazing.

My first question when traveling to Morocco was “What is okay to wear?” So if you’re ever traveling to Morocco (or different country in general) do your research, and plan to dress modestly. There is absolutely NO shame in the staring game in Morocco, but as a New Yorker, I was able to swing the punches. With that being said, the last thing you want to do is attract attention to yourself as an outsider or disrespect someone’s land & culture. I found this below the knee flowy dress from the Zara sale that was perfect for this excursion; it covered me up enough and was light enough where I wasn’t overheating like the rest.

All the little streets and markets are absolutely amazing to walk through, and to see a little bit of how the other world lives is eye opening and at the same time beautiful. Except for the fact that all food is doused in curry, I absolutely love Morocco. On our ferry home, my family already has in the works to return soon and spend a couple days overnight. Hopefully, Marrakesh is next 🙂


|Dress Zara| | Shoes Zara| | Sunglasses Givenchy| 


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