Rochester Brunchin’


Since exposing our parents to the NYC brunch lifestyle, my dad now claims brunch (bottomless of course) is his favorite meal of the day. Who can blame him..

We have tried out a few brunch places in Rochester, but the bottomless brunch at Char in the Strathallan Hotel has definitely topped the charts. Char puts out a huge assortment of food including omelets, mac & cheese (which is to die for), pork & salmon and a room entirely devoted to pastries, fruit, and desserts. By the end of it, your table will be stacked with empty plates… and champagne flutes.

For the price and amount of unlimited food and drinks, this is by far one of the best brunch places we have ever been to, landing itself #1 on the Barberia Brunch list.

In the Barberia books, nothing beats good food, drinks and family time.

IMG_1315IMG_1296IMG_1316IMG_1337Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

|Romper Forever21||Shoes Zara||Bag Gucci||Restaurant Char @ The Strathallen|


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