Keeping Cute in the Cold

Hello Fashionistas

Sometimes when I step outside of my front door step, I wonder if after all this time New York is really just the North Pole everyone refers to. Having to pile on layer after layer definitely makes it feel difficult to make an outfit cute while being able to withstand the cold. Invest in a good coat, but it’s all about the winter accessories! There are so many cute accessories out there that can really add that touch your winter outfit needs, and keep you warm at the same time.

I want to share with you guys my recent purchase that I’m currently obsessing over. I just bought this beautiful faux fur stole from Forever21, and it makes any boring outfit elegant and interesting! There are endless ways to style a fur stole, and they are absolutely a timeless accessory. It’s okay if you are not comfortable with the whole real fur thing, there are tons of brands who offer beautiful realistic versions like this one!



Let me know what you guys think!

Xox Ciao Bellas 


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