DIY Halloween fun

Hello, Fashionistas!

I hope everyone had a fun & safe Halloween weekend! If you know anything about me or keep up with my posts from last year you know that I love everything about Halloween. In the past years of being a broke college student, I’ve acquired a special skill when it comes to creating fun and most importantly affordable costumes. I know its so easy to get caught up in it all and drop boat loads of money on costumes, especially in college when you need a few different ones for your weekend festivities.

My advice to you is plan ahead. I usually give myself at least 2 weeks prior to Halloween to be able to find the cheapest pieces for my costume. This gives you enough time to find and order what you need online, or go to Michaels and make it yourself. If you’re anything like me, buying an overpriced costume from party city is just not going to happen.

This year I created 2 different costumes. The first night I was a sushi roll, and the second night I brought it back to my roots and created a Spanish Matador costume. The sushi roll was a little more tedious because I hand sewed, stuffed and painted my piece of salmon. Other than that it was pretty simple to make and was easily put together in under $20. For my matador costume, I bought the bolero vest for $8 online and the rest of the accessories for under $10.





Ballin on a budget has become my specialty. Let me know what you guys think!

Xox Ciao Bellas


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