City of dreams

I love having family and friends come and visit me in New York City. For the first reason obviously being because I love to see them and spending time with them, but also for the fact that I get to revisit all the NYC attractions that a new yorker on a typical day would steer clear of […]

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Exploring DUMBO

This past weekend my friends and I got to venture out and explore the hidden beauty of Brooklyn and its amazing views.  Originally getting its name from “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass”, it was easy to see why DUMBO has been said to be one of the most the buzz-worthy neighborhoods of Brooklyn.  The […]

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DIY Halloween fun

Hello, Fashionistas! I hope everyone had a fun & safe Halloween weekend! If you know anything about me or keep up with my posts from last year you know that I love everything about Halloween. In the past years of being a broke college student, I’ve acquired a special skill when it comes to creating fun and […]

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