Choker Details #Throwback

Everyones favorite (#throwback) 90’s staple jewelry piece has made its full swing back around, and it doesn’t look like its going away anytime soon. Like almost every fashion trend, the choker is back and gaining popularity by the second. Personally I love that the choker is back, whether its velvet & metal or silk with a pattern it adds the perfect delicate touch that every outfit needs. It can be really fun messing around and seeing which look good with what outfit or even learning to stack them with others to create your own mix of jewels.

Recently Iv’e been pairing my new Pearl Wendy Mignot choker with just about every outfit!   I love how subtle it makes my outfit look more elegant, with barely trying. I fell in love with Wendy Mignot’s collection of pearls paired with the new trend of chokers (and Cmon every girl loves pearls). This is definitely something you need in your closest!

|Shirt Asos| |Choker Wendy Mignot| |Shorts DIY| |Clutch Prada|



Xox Ciao Bellas



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