Tuesday Inspiration

Hello my fashionistas, its been awhile! It took me awhile to get back into routine of being home after traveling the world with my best friends. I have been spending most of my summer on a chair basking in the sun, but I have a lot of cool stuff planned for you guys this summer!

Today I just wanted to show off my dear friend Jacob @jvokess that I was lucky enough to meet last summer at fashion school. The minute I met him I instantly fell in love with his style, uniqueness and saw that he too has the same love for fashion as I do.

“I’ve always loved fashion and art since I was a kid. When ever I go to draw I just draw whatever comes to mind and it usually is either distorted figures with vibrant colors, or avant grade fashion doodles. I am in a fashion design and merchandising program through my school so I have already been able to get an understanding of the industry. I am excited to be going into my freshman year of college at F.I.T. for fashion design this Fall.”

Below are some of his sketches that show just how creative and talented he really is! I wish you the best of luck in your future! xox




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