Post Study Abroad ~blues~

Hello, my fashionistas (and hopefully future travelers after this post). As many of you know, I am home from my 6-month travel extravaganza around Europe (+Africa). 7 countries and 20 cities later and I still fell in love with every single one. Since I’ve been home the most difficult question to answer is “How was abroad?”, and I get that from every single person I’ve seen. Of course, I sum it up in one word and say Amazing!! then I get the chills remembering all the crazy and unforgettable memories that I would relive over and over if I could. It’s honestly impossible to explain to a person how your study abroad experience was, it’s hard to put on paper and its hard to try and type to you guys right now.

Seeing the moon shine on the other side of the world definitely changes a person. Walking through a village in Africa, lifting your head up to see the Big Ben, witnessing a proposal under the Eiffel Tower, Seeing the Pope, attending Paris Fashion Week, walking the Red light District in Amsterdam, surviving spring break in Sicily with 7 other friends for a week, they are things that I could try and explain, but it would not be the same. Everything I went through taught me a lot about myself and the world around me. Your parents are not there to do everything for you anymore. You want to plan a trip to Barcelona? It’s on you to find how to get there, where to stay, what to do. It may seem easy, but trust me if you don’t read the fine print you may end up in a backpackers -crack house -bed bug infested- hostel (a story for another day).

This trip was probably the one of the most life-changing experience that I will ever go through. For the most part, I kept in minimal contact with people at home, because this trip was about me. Of course, I missed all of my friends and family but for once I had the opportunity to get lost and be found and not be tied to my phone. Once you actually fully emerge yourself and become open to change, you learn so much. You get to see & learn first hand about so many cultures and people, and your perspective changes about the world and maybe even how you live your life back home. Traveling is addicting, and after studying abroad I guarantee you that every single person you ask already has a bucket list of places they have to go back and explore. For those ever wondering or considering studying abroad, 110% yes. Don’t wait for your friends to do it with you because time will run out. Just go, go and see all the beauty in the world.

For my last abroad post, I collected picture in front of doorways from around the world.

Maybe it’s some sort of metaphor?

Xox Caio Bellas 

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