Lets Play Lizzie McGuire

Ciao my Fashionistas! Iv completed my first week in Rome after a relaxing spring break spent in Sicily. Its so easy to fall in love with rome, between the beautiful weather and every pasta/pizza dish you can imagine, theres hardly anything to dislike. Practically every touristy place you visit in Rome you can almost always refer it back to the Lizzie McGuire movie, whether it’s the Trevi Fountain, The Colloseum or a random Gelato shop (my favorite) everything brings me right back to my childhood of re- watching it 10 times over. Today I got to travel to the outskirts where they filmed parts at the beautiful Villa D’Este.

The Villa D’Este is located in an old Renaissance town called Tivoli, just outside of Rome, Italy. It is listed as one of the UNESCO world heritage sites, which means it was nominated to have special cultural or physical significance. Inside the Villa there are stunning hand painted rooms, and the outside gardens consists of impressive foliage, fountains, pools and walkways. This was definitely a place that you have to see with your own eyes, everything is so intricate and all the flowers were bloomed which brought so many pretty colors to the scenery.

It was finally cool enough to wear pants today, so I wore my new 1960’s vintage Levis and bomber-ish jacket that I found in Paris at a really interesting vintage exhibition. I’ve been dying to find the perfect-fit high wasted Levis, so there was no way that I was going to pass these up. They are perfect for dressing up, or down and the fit is so comfy (yeah I’m obsessed). Lizzie didn’t do the gardens justice in the movie, but here are some pictures from my day!

Here where you can find a similar outfit to mine!

|Hat| |Shoes| |Jacket| |Jeans| |Bag|

Xoxo Ciao Bellas


^ 🙂

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