Motivational Mondays

Fashionistas I’m bring you something new! I’m going to start incorporating #motivationalmondays into my blog, and to start who better than the multi-hyphenate, every- so- trendy new brand Ambassador for Chanel, Willow Smith. At age 15, she landed her self a spot for Chanel hand picked by Karl Lagerfeld himself. She’s following in the steps […]

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Royal Château

Bonjour my fashionistas! My time in Paris is closely coming to and end with less than 2 weeks left. Paris has been expensive, but there are so many historical sites to see that are just breathtaking. We finally explored the Palace of Versailles, which is a royal château in Versailles in the Île-de-France region of […]

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Paris Fashion Week 2016

The past week has been very exciting with fashion week going on in Paris. The streets are just filled with the wildest outfits and most expensive handbags, which makes paris a prime location for people watching. I sat at cafe RUC  yesterday for hours just watching people and admiring their funky outfit choices for the […]

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Sam by Glam

Hello my beautiful fashionistas! I took a new approach with this post, and it turned out to be really awesome. I got to collaborate with my friend, Sam Hardman, who I met in my abroad rotation. He shares the same love for fashion as I do and I decided to interview him because his style […]

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