Barcelona Weekend

Hello fashionistas! I just got home from my weekend trip to Barcelona, and for those of you who love art, fashion, amazing food, & culture this would be the spot for you. Barcelona is a well known destination for travelers who wish to experience a mix of fun, beaches, and a modern setting.

One of my favorite things about Barcelona is that it is composed of many different amazing works of art by Antoni Gaudi. Gaudi was a Spanish Catalan architect who is widely known for his Catalan Modernism.  After looking at all of his buildings and artwork, you can tell just how detail-oriented he was. Whether it’s La Pedrera, Palau Güell, Casa Batlló, La Sagrada familia, or Parc Güell (where many of you might remember the cheetah girls filming down the steps) every single piece of art is uniquely breathtaking. To be able to see everything in the short amount of time that we were there, we did the city tour bus. This was perfect since it brings you to all of the most famous places in Barcelona, and has an open upstairs viewing area allowing you to see the whole city.

Barcelona is also very well known for its nightlife and many people from all around the world visit this sleepless city for that reason alone. Personally my favorite part is that most of the main clubs are right on the beach, so after their night out people watch the sunrise on the beach or even go swimming in the summer.

This city is just full of art, fashion, modernism, culture, and breathtaking views. I plan on returning since there’s so much we still didn’t have time to see! This weekend I’m traveling to Morocco and I am super excited to see Africa for the first time! Check back next week for my African adventures.

Xoxo Caio bellas 






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