Food, Fun & Conversation

Wooo were finally into 2016! This is my first post into the new year, and as many of you may already know, I traveled to Europe 2 weeks early to spend the holidays with my family in Spain before my semester abroad starts.

I haven’t posted in a while for those who keep up with my posts, but for the next couple months while I travel around Europe I’m going to incorporate a lot more traveling and European culture posts into my fashion blog. For those of you who don’t follow my Instagram @glamourcocktail  you should check it out! I post more frequently on there so you can see all the amazing adventures that are coming my way.

Holidays in Spain are a bit different than in the US, but I loved being able to spend it with my side of the family that I normally only get to see during the summers. One thing that is very evident in spanish lifestyle is the importance of eating together. You will see stores&shops close down anywhere from 2pm-5pm so that the workers can go home and eat lunch with their family. Most schools dismiss their kids for a few hours to go home for lunch and return after. Even my aunt and uncle, who are lawyers, come home in the afternoon to eat together and return to finish their day of work after. I think this is something that the American culture greatly lacks, and without it being enforced its nearly impossible to get everyone with their busy schedules to sit down and eat together. So if you could not think of a good new years resolution, heres a good place to start! Try and set aside time to eat with your family. I think its really beneficial to have face to face interactions and to engage in healthy conversations with your family, and what better a time than over a delicious meal.

Heres some pictures of my family (7 course) lunch yesterday!

Ciao Bellas xox 




Don’t even ask.. ew









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