Guide to traveling 7.14.15

Always travel in style, You never know who you might see!

I always plan out my traveling outfits to be comfortable of course, but still stylish. Years ago we entered the same elevator as the famous soccer star Ronaldinho in the Madrid airport as we were both exiting the Club lounge. Of course after getting his autograph it was lost along the travels (good one papi), But we also sat next to a professional hockey player from the LA Kings. After that I was always determined to still be presentable while traveling.
Good traveling Essentials:
1.  A good reading book for the trip
2.  Wide assortment of Wegmans bulk candy
  1. Sunglasses & Sunhat
  2. Sneakers!
Today my travels begin in Rochester NY with the destination of Majorca which is part of the beautiful Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean that is off the coast of Spain. Im so excited that this part of my summer has arrived, time to soak up the sun!
Todays outfit
Pants:|Zara| Shoes:|Converse| Top:|Topshop| Hat:|H&M|
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Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

3 thoughts on “Guide to traveling 7.14.15

  1. Hi! I don’t know you but I follow you on Instagram and, first off, I must say that I LOVE all of your pictures. I will be majoring in Fashion Merchandising in college and was admitted to LIM but chose not to go ultimately because of the price. But I’ve read on your blog that you’ve taken some summer courses there, how do you like the school overall? And what are you thinking about career wise? What area of the fashion industry interests you the most? And from living in NYC what have you heard about any other area fashion schools like FIT or Parsons? Sorry if that’s a lot of questions but I wanted to ask you since you seem like you would definitely know! Thanks 🙂 if you need somewhere to reply other than here my Twitter is @jennacurcio1 and my Instagram is @jennacurcio24


    1. Hi Jenna! Im so glad that you enjoy my blog, and congrats on your major! Yes i recently just took some summer courses at LIM and i absolutely love everything about the school. My professors were really knowledgable about the fields of fashion and both actually work in the fashion world. After taking my courses I realized that I want to pursue something with Business, since that is my major but also styling and buying. During my time there we met with various companies in the industry, and I want to be able to travel around the world with whatever my career is. I have heard of the other schools, my sister is acutally going to FIT for her senior year of college! From what iv heard, LIM focuses more on the buinsess aspects of the industry and when you move your way up to parsons its more the design aspects. You should add me on Facebook and We should keep in touch if you ever want to visit NYC! Thank you again for looking at my blog I hope my answers help you out!


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